Grimm, Roy

Roy Grimm

Some people deserve their names - for example, Gray Davis and Michael Savage.
Roy Grimm, on the other hand, was anything but. Behind his no-nonsense persona and his ever-billowing pipe was a truly kind human being with a delightfully impish sense of humor.
Roy, the longtime managing editor of the Oakland Tribune, died on April 11, 2009  at age 83. Even though it's been 20 years since he retired, everyone who had the privilege of working for him still remembers him as the epitome of what a journalist should be.
"Underneath his often gruff, terse exterior beat a big heart," says Andy Jokelson, whom Roy hired as a night side reporter in 1969. "He let his staff do their jobs, had faith in them and stood by them. He also went out of his way to privately thank and encourage people."
 " I remember waiting for the elevator at about 3 a.m. outside the Tribune city room as I headed home. Roy came out to the elevator to thank me for the night's work, and I still appreciate it."
Cliff Pletschet, the Trib's longtime business columnist, agrees.
"He didn't toss compliments around; so when Roy Grimm told you that you did a good job on a story, you can believe that you did."

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