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 Here we will publish all pictures submitted to us from our membership related to past Oakland Tribune employees and or events. If you have pictures that you would like to see published on this site you can email them to; or mail hard copies to:

R.G. Faller
15901 Cindee Ln
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These photos will remain on this site for all time. We will feature them by the date they are posted. I don't always get it right with who may have originally submitted the photos and I may have some of the names wrong. If you have a correction or can Identify a person in any of the photos let me know.

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Pictures taken on the last day of publication for the Oakland Tribune; by Karen Drellich

Submitted by Steve and Leslie Lindemann
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Steve and Leslie purchased this 1940 Buick Century while in Palm Springs. 
This is a really cool car!

Submitted by Rick Faller

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Checkout who else you can see in the pictures. I have one photo where I have forgotten the DA's name. If you can Identify him John Bellison will buy you lunch.

Mike Trainer at Tribune Picnic 1973

Submitted by Mike Trainor Jr.

Back Row Mike Trainor, ?, ?, ? Dave Perona. Front Joe Blum, Carrier?, Robert Perona, Uncle Nolty

Submitted by Lance Klokkevold

Northern Zone field trip ride on Street Car. Mike Sanders and Leroy Medina far left. Kevin McCarthy tall guy in the back. Tom Furlong with arms crossed. Jack Kinsner far right and Dan Sidbury and John Bellison kneeling down in front. Sorry to the ladies I forgot all the names. 

Submitted by Rich Jamieson

Starting on the left around the back of the table, fourth person is young Glenn Jamieson. His parents are seated to his left.
I'm going to guess the carrier in the white collar in the front is Eddie Dodge Master Diamond Dealer and his District Adviser to the right is Bob Roth of "R" district in Alameda. My old Tribune Route No. was R-49

Next 3 photos from Robert Stennett
Award winning sport cartoonist
Lee Susman
Photo by Robert Stinnett

Jack Mason Copy Desk Manager (seated) and Koel Fine.
Photo by Robert Stinnett

Night view of fourth floor City Room 1949
Photo by Robert Stinnett

Submitted by Ernie Silva

Rick Faller, Bill Abert, Tom Furlong, Don Goyert, Joe Knowland, Gus Morelli,
Johnny Lamm, Bob Meads and Bob Summers?

Help needed here. Bill Ortman, ??, ??, Leroy Medina,
Tom Furlong (back row) Rick Faller, Mike Trainor,and ??

Who are all these shoppers?

I don't recognize anyone here?

Dan Sidbury, Kenny Hackett, Bud Riendeau and Patsy Adams

 Good Golly we have some used car salesman standing
 with his arm around Ken Paiva. Next we have Sara Shulman, 
Charlie Levi, 
Dorothy Farman, Eda Dotzek, Lark Boyd, in front Tina Woon,  and Robin Takahashi

Ernie Silva, Kevin McCarthy, Gary Joy and Uncle Nolty

Submitted by Howard Mordell Jr.

William F Knowland presents achievement awards to Howard Mordell Sr
Bobby Perona, Jim Burnham Lee Nelson, 
Marty Fraga and Nolt Townsend  co-Presenter

Remember the old metal tubes?

The following photos submitted by Pat Kooy

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Charles Haycock said...

The big in white sweater with ?? for his name is Gus Morelli I am not of the spelling of his last name is correct.

Charlie haycock