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Anonymous said...

Wow Rick…Your obit listings are really eye openers. Hard to believe some of these people are gone. I’m beginning to feel like a fugitive from the law of average at age 80. Jim Zeno and I go way back. He was a wonderful guy who always had a cheerful, upbeat outlook on life. One thing: The Curt Sutliff I knew worked in the Editorial Department. Maybe there was a Curt Sutliff in Circulation also. If so, they might even have been related. This is an amazing assemblage of Tribune alums. Thanks again for your efforts. Bob Schulke

Claudia Hutchings Sturges said...

Reading these obits provided so many memory jogs. I've been gone from the Trib for 44 years, but I worked (in editorial) with many of those whose obits are on this site. Very moving to read their stories. The obit of my late husband, Gerry Sturges, Trib reporter from 1960-1968, should be added to this collection. I'll help make that happen.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick, It was great to see pictures of some of the people that I worked with so many years ago. I worked in the Circulation Dept for almost 10 years before leaving to go to work at UPS. I'm now retired and living in Grass Valley, California. It was sad to see all of the names of people that I worked with that are now gone. As you remember, my dad worked there as well, and we both enjoyed our time there. It was great to see all of the pictures. Keep up the good work. Howard Mordell

Anonymous said...

I don't have a comment. I need your help. The Permanente Foundation Hospital located in Oakland, California. That is where me and my twin brother were born.I was told we were the first set of twins born there. If you could help me find any information about this I would be very thankful. Iam sure we were in the birth announcements in 1952. My email is

Anonymous said...

Regarding The Oakland Tribune Employee Obituary Archive for Elton Bovey

My Papa's Obituary was extremely meaningful and made me remember why he was such an amazing man. However, i just wanted to make a few adjustments..

"Mr. Bovey is preceded in death by his brother Carroll Bovey, DAUGHTER Brenda Pixley (my mother) and amazing wife Lucille Bovey (whom he is laid to rest next to). He is Survived by his loving and devoted children; ect..... (Gale Bovey shouldn't be reference in his Obituary).

martha wright said...

I'm wondering how far any records go back? It's my understanding that my great grandmother, Louise Rerat was a copy editor at the Tribune in the late 1880s or 1890s somewhere there about. She started working there at 18 and worked there for many years I believe. She got married to John Hill who was Alameda County Administrator so her name probably changed to Louise Hill while working there. I'm guessing she was one fo the first women to work at the Tribune? Do you know if there are any photos or records of the women who worked there in the early days?
- Martha Wright

Anonymous said...

WOW - I just discovered this website today and was really excited to see the names and faces of so many I knew when I worked at the Oakland Tribune in Classified Advertising from 1970-1978. This brings back many great memories I have of my time there and my friends whom I've missed so much. Thanks for your efforts in getting so many members of our great Oakland Tribune back together again. I would love to see them all. Barbara Azari at

Anonymous said...

Please contact me regarding Dave Hope, reporter/political editor of the Tribune from 1937 - 1969.

Jeanette Hedeman

Anonymous said...

Please add to your obituaries, sadly, the death of Mike Merriman. Mike was a sales manager for many years at The Tribune in the '80s.
, where he met his wife, Joann. His obit can be found in the CCTimes archive. He died last week. He was a lovely, lovely man.

Anonymous said...

What is the city of Oakland Ca doing? They are losing the warriors to SF, the Raiders to LA and the A's to San Jose. Do they have any idea if the consequences.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your site this week. On one of the photo pages, you were looking for names.
On the photo with this caption: "Help needed here. Bill Ortman, ??, ??, Leroy Medina,
Tom Furlong (back row) Rick Faller, Mike Trainor,and ??", the guy second from the left looks like the DA I had in district 716 back in 1967-69. I think his name was John? Davis. Mr Davis, for sure. He took over after "Mr. Wells" retired. I'm pretty sure that's him. A bunch of us would go downtown Sundays after our routes and get hot chocolate in the lunchroom while he did whatever it was those guys did down at the Trib Tower. I have fond memories of heading up to the "Shack" near Maxwell Park School every day for a couple years. (I couldn;t wait to turn 13 and turn in my application)! The shack eventually closed and we were stuck with boxes down on Fleming Ave near my house.
Bob 716-32

dave perona said...

I just heard the sad news about Ted Sizelove. I was shocked and saddened when I opened my G0-Gettet news letter. We have all lost a great friend.

I had a great privilege to work with Ted and played ball with him and Dave Chapman. I remember Judy making us lunch when I came to see Ted. I consider myself so fortunate to call him my FRIEND. He was so exited about his new Grandson, who was named after him, at the luncheon.

Judy and his family are in Rosie and my prayers.

Rest in peace old friend.
Dave & Rosie Perona

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a description of how the "Tribune" typically produced an edition in the 1950s, '60s, '70s, '80s, etc. - from news writing to editorial decision-making to layout to printing to circulation. I'd also like to see a floor-by-floor description of "Tribune Tower." What was done on each floor? Was the publisher's office high up in the tower?

Jason Bezis
Lafayette, Calif.
jbezis AT

Audrey Wilson Naismith said...

When I read through the Go Getters obit section I never see any mention of the Advertising Dept. employees that have passed. Just wondering why, as there are several of us that do belong to the Go Getters group & also served on the board when the group began (ie Marilyn Barnhill). Also, is anyone collecting memorabilia from our Tribune past? I have some things I would be happy to pass along if anyone would like, I hate to see it tossed away.

Audrey Wilson Naismith
Scottsdale, AZ