Go-Getter Luncheon 2015

Oakland Tribune

This page is dedicated for the use of the Oakland Tribune Go-Getters to view photos and information on the annual club luncheons.

Go-Getters Luncheon October 24, 2015

As always the Go-Getters Luncheon was great fun. It is always great to see everyone. For me the highlight this year was the speeches that some of our go-getter members made that reinforces the reason why we need to keep getting together each year. Dave Perona got up and spoke of the Tribune people who are the best from his vast experience from working at many other newspapers across this country. Don Schauer, John Bellison, and Betty Abert and others also had very inspiring things to say.  We had people travel from as far away as Missouri and Arizona. We had folks that had difficulty just walking, others who had medical difficulties they have had to deal with this past year and some who had to have someone drive them to the luncheon. Yet you showed up. Teddy made the comment "Being a Senior Citizen is not for Sissy's” I couldn't agree more.  I will add I am so impressed with this group and the loyalty you have shown and it’s my pleasure to serve this club. Hope to see you all again next year. Rick Faller
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The Room

Super Seniors

Pencil Sketches
New this year I took a couple of photos and turned them into Pencil Sketches...

Raffle Winners

Random Pictures
 Hope you enjoyed this years presentation. I apologize that some of our pictures did not turn out so well and some were unusable as the lighting in the room was less than ideal for picture taking. I especially apologize to Mrs. Eric Witt as I took a fantastic photo of Marjorie that somehow disappeared from my camera? I guess I'm not as perfect as my wife believes...LOL
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. sure was great seeing "OLD FACES"
Ernie Silva

Two Dogs said...

Wish we could have been there. Miss all those happy faces. Bob Johnson

Steve Lindemann said...

Thanks for making this event possible each year! I encourage all
Go-Getters to attend each year! Gives us the opportunity to renew the
great "life-long" friendships we've made!
I had lunch with my favorite District Advisor Ernie Jacobson
TW District Berkeley--honored with Newspaper Boy of the Year 1963.
Steve Lindemann--now 67 years old