Bertolero, Bert

Born March 12, 1920 died March 14, 1992 Oakland Ca. Gardening Columnist Oakland Tribune he was 72.
Bertolero, known around the San Francisco Bay area as the ''Dirt Gardener,'' died Saturday in Oakland, Calif., of an apparent heart attack. He was 72. Bertolero, who hosted a local radio show called Talk Dirt With Bert and wrote a newspaper column offering gardening tips, was watering plants in his home when he died. The avid horticulturist was president of Navlet's Garden Centers, which he purchased with his wife in 1947. They went on to open numerous gardening centers around the San Francisco Bay area. 

Note from Jerry Forman. Bert's  son 'Buzz' Bertolero assumed his father's role of spokesman for Navlet's Nursery and gardening in general.  Buzz is a professional graduate expert in the field of horticulture and I know his column also ran for years in the TRIB.  Buzz also branched out to local TV and was always showing up routinely on several channels.  As far as I know, he's still involved in the business.

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